UBIS is Australia’s premiere health jobs search website. Our mission is to aid candidates in finding their ideal job and provide employers with a platform to find the best talent.

Why choose UBIS?

Specialist in Health Jobs

UBIS contains only Australian health jobs and is tailor made for the industry. Therefore allowing you to find your dream job more easily.

UBIS Resumes

Create a UBIS resume profile with your qualifications and experience, so that employers can find and approach you with a job offer.

Custom Job Alerts

Set up a custom Job alert based on jobs you are interested in, this will result in a email notifiying you when a new job is posted

Job Shortlist

Add jobs to your shortlist to easily keep track of closing dates and compare details before making a decision

Specialist in Health Jobs

UBIS provides employers with the best platform to find  suitable candidates with the skills you desire. Every aspect of posting you job advert is tailored to the requirements of the health industry.


Employer Dashboard

The employer dashboard is the ultimate tool that allows you to manage your job ads and applicants.  Make changes to your job ads at anytime. View all of your applicants details and resumes online, while using the candidate management tools to keep track of your applicants.

Best Value

Recruitment can be expensive, while receiving very little in return. Ubis provides the overall best value! Our costs are low, while our applicant quality is high due to the large community of health professionals here on Ubis. As a result, you benefit from getting more suitable applicants, at a smaller cost.

Easy to use

The simple yet comprehensive design of Ubis allows employers of all levels to easily create a beautiful job ad in a matter of minutes. This means you can spend more time attending to your company, and less time creating job ads.

  • UBIS made it so easy for me to post a job and find the right staff with the right qualifications. Collin C., CEO

  • Compared to other employment websites in Australia, UBIS is committed solely to employment in the health industry, making it the first choice for my job listings. John Donovan

  • When I needed to seek employment, UBIS offered the best choice of jobs for my particular field. And because they are just health-related, it made it so much easier than sifting through countless pages like on other sites. Anna Smith